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We are here to serve you Monday through Friday from 8am to 5pm pacific time or contact us through email or fax anytime.

Keller Williams

Carmel valley
(858) 356-5973

For Emergency service after regular business hours, contact sandiegorealtyadvisoris Emergency Service by telephone at 1-888-711-2787.


Problems that require immediate attention in order to avoid further damage to your home or the property of others are considered emergencies. Some problems include:

  • A water leak requiring the water to your home be shut off to avoid further damage. Please note that a leak which can be isolated by a shutoff under the cabinet or plumbing fixture is not considered an emergency.
  • Main line sewer back up.
  • A complete loss of electricity that is not the result of an outage in the neighborhood.
  • No heat or A/C during extreme weather conditions.