Sometimes trouble with your home may simply require an elementary solution. For instance, you can immediately stop a leak from a toilet or sink by turning off the valves either right beside or underneath the fixtures. Your Homeowner Warranty and Care Manual includes comprehensive troubleshooting and emergency information perfect for reference and suggested action to take prior to calling a repair service. Learn more by downloading this useful Troubleshooting PDF.



  • Total power outage. — First look to see if it is a neighborhood outage or if you are the only one. If the power is neighborhood wide, please call your electric provider. If the power outage is limited to your dwelling, please locate the circuit breaker and inspect for a broken fuse or lever that has popped to off. Try the main breaker as well. If the breaker looks damaged, leave the power off and call your electric provider otherwise turn them all off and then on one by one again.
  • There is a burning smell or sparks visible. — If it is an appliance that is causing the problem, unplug it and inspect the cord for defects. If it is not an appliance, please turn off the circuit for that area and call the subcontractor listed on the circuit box. CALL THE FIRE DEPARTMENT IF YOU SUSPECT ANY POSSIBILITY OF FIRE.
  • The outlet in the kitchen, bath or garage has no power. — These outlets may be connected to a Ground Fault Interrupter (GFCI) and are designed to disconnect the flow of electricity to prevent damage or injury. Locate the outlet and unplug all appliances, then press the reset button. Multiple hairdryers or appliance plugged into a single circuit can trip the breaker. Please contact Customer Care if you have any questions.
    NOTE: Do not plug appliances into a GFCI outlet. This includes power tools, irrigation systems, refrigerators and freezers.
  • The wall outlet has no power. — First make sure a light switch that has been turned off does not control the power to the outlet. The outlet will be upside down to indicate this. Next inspect the circuit breakers for any popped into the off position. Turn it back on.
  • The fluorescent light will not turn on. — Check the fixture to ensure all of the bulbs have been installed correctly. Make adjustments to any bulbs that flicker or buzz. Check light switches and the circuit breakers.


  • Major plumbing leak or water main break. — Locate the water meter in the garage or near the street and turn off the water. An additional water valve is located on the ground near the street.
  • Leak under the sink or toilet. — Locate the valves under or behind the fixture and turn it off then call for a service repair.
  • Toilet seems to be clogged. — Locate the valves under or behind the fixture and turn it off and follow the steps below.
  • Leak in the tub or shower. — Locate the main water valves and turn it off. Please call for a service repair and discontinue use of the shower or tub until the repair has been made.
  • Water heater is leaking. — Locate the valves on top of the water heater and turn it off. Next turn the gas supply off and drain the water from the water heater.
  • Water spots have appeared on the ceiling. — Try to locate the source of the water and shut off to prevent further damage. If it is a sink or toilet fixture than shut it off at the valve. For leaks that cannot be isolated, please turn off the water at the water main.
  • Water is dripping from a PVC pipe sticking out of the overhang. — Call service immediately. There may be a problem with the A/C unit in your dwelling or an adjacent one.

Heating And Air Conditioning

  • The heater is not working properly. — First make sure that the thermostat is set to a warmer temperature than the room air and that the heater is turned on. Check the circuit breaker for any popped circuits. If you are not able to locate the problem, please contact the Customer Care Department.
  • The Air Conditioner will not start. — First make sure the thermostat is set to a cooler temperature than the room air. Next turn off the air conditioner and inspect the circuit breaker. Reset any tripped breakers. If you are not able to locate the problem, please contact the Customer Care Department.


During normal business hours, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday.
Please contact Customer Care at (619) 725-3609.

Emergency after normal business hours.
Please contact Emergency Service at 1-888-711-2787.


Problems that require immediate attention in order to avoid further damage to your home or the property of others are considered emergencies. Some problems include:

  • A water leak requiring the water to your home be shut off to avoid further damage. Please note that a leak which can be isolated by a shutoff under the cabinet or plumbing fixture is not considered an emergency.
  • Main line sewer back up.
  • A complete loss of electricity that is not the result of an outage in the neighborhood.
  • No heat or A/C during extreme weather conditions.